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Swale Installation

Swales can be part of an area’s natural landscaping, or they can be created to help ensure proper drainage, minimize runoff or capture storm water. In simple terms, they are generally shallow ditches that have gently sloping sides. Depending on their function, they may run along the contour lines of a hillside and may have a berm on the downhill side of the ditch. They rely on gravity to move water and are designed to direct the water where we want it to go.

Swale Uses

  • Guide water away from homes and roadways
  • Direct water to gardens
  • Prevent flooding
  • Capture rain water for reuse

Sink Hole Repair

Sinkholes can occur when water (or other forces) displace underground soil, weakening the soil’s overall integrity in certain areas. As you might guess, this a serious issue for buildings and houses. When density “gaps” are created in soil beneath structures, they can sink—slowly, or sometimes dramatically, causing serious damage.

MRI Construction offers several options for sinkhole repair and foundation remediation. Many types of soil can see improvement with compaction grouting. Compaction grouting is used for stabilization and densification as well as void filling. This method is used to fill the voids in the ground around and under your dwelling, providing foundation reinforcement, and can be used for sinkhole repair.