Reline and refurbish your old wet well

IET SYSTEMS Polymorphic Resin is stronger than any other concrete repair or coating product. IET penetrates into the open pores of concrete creating a structural attachment stronger than the concrete matrix itself. The strength of the concrete becomes the limiting factor in the adhesion. It can be used in place of cement and water as the binding agent for any aggregate mix used in concrete. This creates a super concrete that can be used for repairs to damaged concrete or the creation of monolithic structures. Adheres to steel and other metals creating a nearly indestructible coating.

IET SYSTEMS has seven different combinations and unique blends of fillers and state-of-the-art application equipment to create an unsurpassed renovation and protection system for all wastewater processing facilities.

  • Remove abrasives and debris. Pressure wash clean and force dry concrete.
  • Surface preparation shall meet the requirements of IET Systems Data Sheet on Concrete Preparation DS-001 and interior surfaces of manhole shall be sound, porous, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants prior to application of lining.
  • Apply IET System Prime Coat by the use of the IET Systems Spray Unit and IET Systems Spincaster. Prime coat shall be properly catalyzed and applied at the rate of 5 mil dry. Prime coat application shall meet the requirements of IET Systems Prime Coat Data Sheet DS-101 and Equipment Data Sheet DS-601.
  • After IET Systems Prime Coat has started to gel, fill all cracks, spalled areas or other damage with Quick-Set/ High Strength Grout.
  • Apply IET Systems Intermediate Coat over gelled prime coat and grout repairs. Apply intermediate coat with IET System Spray Unit and Spincaster. Intermediate coat shall be a minimum of 50 mils. Intermediate coat application shall meet the requirements of IET Systems Resin/Aggregate Data Sheets DS-301 and Equipment Data Sheet DS-601.
  • Apply IET Systems Finish Coat over gelled intermediate coat. Finish coat shall consist of IET Systems Polymorphic Resin and Bright White Isotholic Gelcoat. Finish coat shall be a minimum of 5 mils.
  • Inspect lining system for holidays and pinholes. Take particular care to check lining over brick, block, concrete, and manhole joints. Fill voids and holidays in accordance with the lining system manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 10 Year Unlimited Warranty
  • Our deluxe prep system allows us to offer you a Ten-Year Unlimited Warranty for all workmanship.
    Any type of applicator error will be fixed promptly within 72 hours of notification.