UV Pipe Lining


The UV Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining process creates a stronger, longer-lasting pipe than can be achieved using steam or water curing with felt, resin-impregnated liners. This advanced technique utilizes fiberglass-reinforced, UV light-cured CIPP liners that are pulled in place to create an extremely durable “pipe-within-a-pipe.”

UV-Cure Spot Repair

Pro-Pipe provides state-of-the-art UV-cured CIPP sectional repair for main and lateral pipelines using the Cosmic system. This system comes complete with ultraviolet (UV)-cured, factory-impregnated fiberglass resin laminates and forms a complete circumferential lining within a seven-minute cure time. The system’s innovative technology and superior materials ensure high-quality, long-lasting CIPP trenchless point repairs.

The Cosmic system rehabilitates pipes of any material ranging in diameter from 6” to 36”. Pipes are cured in minutes and the result is a wall stronger than mandated for industry-standard felt CIPP liners. This solution is excellent for cracks, root intrusion, separated joints, infiltration/exfiltration, corrosion, mis-cut lateral connections and other problems.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Solutions

Outdated pipe repair techniques come with a hefty price tag due to the amount of labor involved. By eliminating the time and labor costs associated with trench digging, today’s trenchless drain pipe repair methods can save municipalities thousands of dollars on sewer pipe repair.

Along with being less expensive and less labor-intensive, trenchless rehabilitation has a number of other benefits for utility providers. First and foremost, it is much simpler to accomplish. Because there’s no need to dig up your lines, pipe maintenance won’t tear up delicate landscaping or other environmentally sensitive areas. It also allows you to perform necessary infrastructure work without shutting down streets or redirecting traffic. Perhaps best of all, it can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to fix pipes by digging. 

Pro-Pipe’s team of trenchless engineers utilizes the latest technologies to locate and replace damaged pipes without the costly digs. Our trenchless solutions include CIPP lining and UV cure services. After viewing your pipeline inspection data, we recommend the repair method that best fits your unique infrastructure needs. 

If you’re ready to find out what makes Pro-Pipe the leaders in trenchless pipe repair, get in touch with us today. Our representatives are ready and waiting to schedule an appointment and help you save time and money.

Benefits of Our UV Spot Repair System

  • Seven-minute UV-cure pipe lining
  • Install in live flow conditions (under most circumstances)
  • No mixing of resin in the field (factory wet-out and delivered enclosed in a gel state)
  • Epoxy paste can be applied at the ends for an adhesive seal
  • Resin is reactive only to UV light; no premature set-off as with ambient cure systems
  • Glass reinforcing increases structural strength, mitigates shrinkage and allows for a thin wall
  • The thin wall permits future rehabilitation of the remaining pipe segment
  • Fully structural repair designed to be a 50-year solution
  • Tapered edge is bonded to the host wall
  • Fraction of full-length lining cost or excavation cost
  • Extensive performance history (12+ years in the U.S. and worldwide)
  • CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe is the product used for this job. Multiple types exist, allowing us to provide solutions for problems that would be otherwise resolvable without excavation. Ambient temperature CIPP, and heat CIPP usage is described here. CIPP lining uses a flexible tube impregnated with resin. This is used to form a new pipeline within the original host.
  • CIPP generally has become one of the more preferred methods for pipework rehabilitation. Especially in the case of deteriorated underground sewers and pipes. This is due to its low installation cost, ease and speed of installation. It also minimises ancillary requirements such as traffic re-routing and security.
  • At the heart of the CIPP system is the resin matrix. Until it is cured by Ultra Violet (UV) Light, it remains in a liquid state within the host material – a glass reinforced tube. UV cured CIPP liners are factory manufactured and have a long shelf life provided they are not exposed to UV light.
  • A glass fiber reinforced liner is impregnated with polyester or vinylester resin (at the production facility). The liner is pulled into the pipe to be rehabilitated via existing shafts. For large diameters, small construction pits may be required. The liner is then closed, put under pressure and cured with UV light. After curing, the system provides a structural liner comparable to a new pipe.
  • In the event of groundwater ingress, preliminary sealing is required. The resins must not come into contact with water before curing. Punctual methods or the usage of a preliner prior to insertion of the CIPP is a simple preliminary step in these cases.